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    Has anyone worked in a call centre before?

    Is it bad? That places I'm considering is for big bank call centres. Working at these would allow me to get an insurance and mutual funds selling licence which can lead to possibly better jobs when the market gets better. I need a job soon that isn't retail. If I go into retail, I'll be...
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    Finally! I'm done!

    I presented my M.Sc. project today. Finally! I decided not to do a Ph.D. as I found Acadamia really interfered with my pursuit of learning anything. Anyways, I had ideas of other research I can do and I bumped into an M.Sc. student from Computer Science that is working on exactly that. Which...
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    Looking for jobs. Should I tell them I have a Master's?

    Hi everyeone, I'm applying to entry-level jobs in banking or just about anything. I have a M.Sc. in Math. I'm not getting any calls whatsoever for any kind of job (well not literally). Even if I'm qualified, I don't get a call. My cover and resume are very nice. I have community volunteer...
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    Another Dilemma

    Ok, I'm a graduate student right now. Finishing up my project. I finished a rough draft, and now prepping up to complete the first draft. Once first draft is done (I'm guessing 3 weeks at most), then I submit to my supervisor, then he reads it, then I make corrections, he reads it again, fix...
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    Finding a Job

    Alright guys, I'm looking for a job. One problem is that my Master's is just about done. A job that I have a REALLY good chance at says I must be fully available for 3 months. But the thing is, I will need a day off to do my Master's presentation. Otherwise, I'm ok. What should I do...
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    Projective Geometry

    I'm doing reading course on Projective Geometry. I was presented this question (in the textbook, not homework): In P_2 R, let A, B, and C be points on a line L and let A', B', and C' be points on a line L'. Prove there exists points S_1, S_2 and S_3, and lines l_1 and l_2 such that...