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    Combinations of a set

    I have a set {1,2,3,4,5} and I need all possible combinations with three elements. Example {1,2,3}, {1,2,4}, {1,2,5} etc. Can somebody help me with a 'C' program that does this. I want to store {1,2,3} etc. in an array of size three and print out every time a new combination is formed...
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    Borel family

    Can anybody suggest how to write an open interval (a,b) as a combination(union, intersection and compliment) of closed intervals of the form [c,d] and vice versa. What if closed intervals are half closed as following (-inf, f]. 'f' being rational.
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    Conditional probaiblity

    Let {Nt, t>0} be a Poisson process with arrival rate \lambda. Consider a process {Xt = exp(Nt-a*t, t>0}. How to calculate E[Xt|Xs] for 0<s<t.
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    Correlated random variables

    I have two independent standard normal random variables X1,X2. Now I want to construct two new normal random variables Y1,Y2 with mean\mu1, \mu2 and variance (\sigma1)^2, (\sigma2)^2 and correlation \rho. How do I approach this problem?
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    C program

    Hi, Can somebody provide a link(other than numerical recipes) where I can get an optimized 'C' program for calculating eigenvalues of real nonsymmetric martix. Thanks
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    DFS algorithm

    Can somebody tell me how to implement(possibly C program) DFS to check whether a network is connected or not. I have network in the form of adjacency matrix. Thanks
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    Random Matrix

    Does anybody know how to generate a random matrix with entries 0 and 1 only(binary matrix). Numbers of 1 and 0 are fixed every time matrix is generated. Possibly a program in 'C'. Thanks
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    GSL(GNU Scientific Library)

    Does anybody know how to read and write matrices in GSL. I am confused by what is given on the website. It says something about binary format which I have no idea about. Isn't there any other simple way of reading the matrices as we do in 'C'?
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    Adaptive runge kutta method

    Hi I am using adaptive stepsize Runge Kutta (order4) method to solve a set of Lotka Volterra system of equations. But I am getting the errors 1) Step size too small 2) Too many steps in the routine Can somebody please help me on this.