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    Level V universes in Tegmark's mathematical universe hypothesis.

    Hello, I have been reading quite a bit about Tegmark's mathematical universe hypothesis. I realise that it is overly speculative in nature, or at least perceived that way. I am unsure if my question is better suited for the philosophy forum as it seems to me inherently unfalsifiable. Despite...
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    Determinism and Free will

    As of late i have been musing upon the nature of free will. However i disagree with the standard interpretation of the link between Determinism and free will. Incompatibilism states that Free Will and Determinism cannot co-exist, and i agree with this stance. Where i disagree is with the...
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    Recommend good Special relativity texts

    Hello, i am reading ahead for my special relativity class next year. I was wondering if anyone could recommend some good special relativity texts. I would like it to be quite mathematical/geometric, but also include physical intuition. I am not interested in any semi popular books (i have read...
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    The nature of causality in special relativity (not faster than light travel)

    I am having trouble understanding how special relativity reconciles the concept of causality. In one frame of reference event A may be followed by event B, but in another frame of reference event B may occur before event A. In the first frame of reference an observer may claim that event A...
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    Is mathematics a young man's game?

    Recently I have been feeling fairly depressed about my future in the mathematical sciences. I am a second year undergraduate studying mathematics and physics (double major), what is more, I am almost 21. In hindsight I wasted a year travelling with friends after high school, and whilst I enjoyed...
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    What is your favourite classical piece?

    I am interested to know everyones favourite piece of classical music! I am a hopeless musician, but i love listening to classical music whilst i do mathematics, its like transcending to another plane of existance.
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    Why can we never be certain of our scientific theories?

    Why can we never be certain of our scientific theories? The reason i love mathematics and physics is that the rigorous knowledge they impart about reality or what lies beneath it. Yet the more physics I study, the more I realizes how very little we know. What is gravity? what is force? What is...
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    Programs Masters in Pure Mathematics (Geometry, Topology) before Theoretical Physics Phd?

    I am a Mathematics and Physics double major, currently in my second year. I really enjoy both subjects, but my interests are progressing towards Theoretical physics/mathematical physics. My academic goal is to improve my understanding of how the universe works and thus I would like to persue a...
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    Fundemental quesitons within physics

    Most of us become interested in theoretical physics, as we seek to understand the workings of the world around us. At the heart of theoretical physics are the big questions such as "what is time?", "what 'caused' the universe", "why these laws of physics? Why this equation?" "Is our universe...
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    Universal Mathematicians

    Gauss, Poincare, Euler, Hilbert, Riemman, Cantor, Godel all stand out as universal mathematicians. I define universal as either contributing to a vast number of fields of mathematics in quite distinct areas or someone who has changed the entire face of mathematics as it stands. That list is by...
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    Is pure mathematics the basis for all thought?

    I have been thinking much on the nature of pure mathematics. I believe this forum would make the best place to post over say the philosophy section, as i am more interested in the opinions of working mathematicians and physicists than philosophers. In my opinion pure mathematics is the core...
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    Mathematical purity vs real world understanding

    This is a very philosophical question, so i understand the answer is going to be very arbitrary and subject to opinion. I am interested in both Pure mathematics and Theoretical Physics. The time is soon approaching, where i must decide upon which path to take. I love proofs, and i love...