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    Voltage across a transistor

    Homework Statement See attachment. Homework Equations Voltage division equation. Ohm's law. The Attempt at a Solution From a) I know that Rx = 86k ohms. Part b) and c) befuddle me. I think it is relevant to the transistor being on and off. In b) I would think that because Rx...
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    Voltage across a load resistor in a Voltage Divider Circuit

    Homework Statement Show that V across Resistor Rkohms is: (11R) / (3.96 + 4R) V The circuit is a 5V cell in series with a 1.8k resistor. Following the 1.8k resistor are a 2.2k and Rk resistor in parallel with eachother. The wires then rejoin and return to the cell. Current through the...