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    Probability of a spin flip transition in neutral hydrogen

    Homework Statement I'd like to calculate the probability of a spin flip transition occurring in the ground state of neutral hydrogen. That is, the transition from parallel to anti-parallel spin configuration of the electron and proton. This transition produces the 21-cm line. Homework...
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    Summer 2013 Math and Science REU Thread

    Hey Everyone, Just like in years past we should have a thread where we post what REU programs we are applying for and when we get accepted so we know when to expect decisions and stuff. Also feel free to discuss projects and ask questions so we can all help each other out. I thought we...
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    Studying Quantum textbook for gre prep

    Hey PF, I'm looking for a decent quantum mechanics textbook to work through in preparation for the pgre. I did all of the quantum chapters in Modern Physics by Serway/Moses/Moyer this semester in my modern class, but I won't take more quantum until after my first go at the pgre. So I plan on...
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    2012 Physics and Astronomy REU Programs

    I'd like to make a thread for those who are applying to REU programs in physics and the like this summer. Please post where you have applied, what your research interests are, and post when you hear from specific programs to help others make their decisions. Also feel free to discuss any...
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    Who should pay the tuition bill?

    I have a friend in college who seemingly belongs to a nice, loving family. However her parents basically told her she was on her own financially if she wanted to go to college. They said she must pay for it so that she "appreciates her education". To me this sounds like an excuse for never...