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    Meaning of irrational exponent

    same thing just a irrational amount of times instant of a integer/rational times. like a^3,14 (simple part of pi) its the same as a^3*a^0,14=a^3*a^(7/50)=a^3*(a^(1/50))^7 pi and such can be explained as a infinite amount of sums like this and by that a infintie amount of parts like this
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    Quick question about Pi

    valence, imagen this 0,3*3=0,9 0,33*3=0,99 0,333*3=0,999 so if 1/3 is finite amount of decimals then you wont get 1 when its multiplied with 3, you just get a long line of 9s. while a infinite amount of nines after each other equals one since x=0,9999.... 10x=9,9999... 9x=9 x=1 and...
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    Relativistic World Of Existence

    all brains has to decode the information in simular way else all preprogrammed data we contain becomes useless
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    Do Photons Have Mass?

    everything is
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    Vector Integral

    im using spherical
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    Relativistic World Of Existence

    The eyes sees what they see. Its the brain that disphyfer the information to some meaning. And the brain have evolved throu the million of years it has existed to show things as it is else it would make things not look like they are and by that exposing its "host" (the body/itself) for danger...
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    Evidence for psychic phenomena

    thats why it has nothing to do with reallity no, near death experience is the brains work, acctualy all that is the work of the braining playing some tricks on itself
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    Forces on massless particles

    you only know one, its photon. graviton is thought to be massless since it travel (if exist) at the speed of light. neutrino is known to has mass. They dont feel force like we do but react with particles that is able to react with the force they are carrieng. Photon with electrons and protons...
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    Vector Integral

    if we concentrate on the 2 integrals that is inside another one its the right one with r1 that i get to be infinite since it goes to infinite and is just r1 since the e^stuff is changed by r2. but i suspect there might be a print error
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    What's the point of life

    the meaning of life is sex
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    What happens after death?

    to much to read before so i´ll simply tell how it is nothing happens after death, your existens end and thats it. no more living its just to accept it
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    Evidence for psychic phenomena

    what do you mean with that? if youre one of those psychic crackpots who belive it acctualy works and that i should start thinking and realise it acctualy works so no. its impossible
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    Accident or design?

    just becuase something is complex it doesnt make it random
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    Accident or design?

    all organism is the product of evolution and all can be expressed by evolution and natural selection is everything but random
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    Mathematica Good book on mathematical logic

    is there any good book explaining more complex integrals and calculus and bra-kets level math aswell?
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    Cosine Rule , what good is it ?

    ther is no such thing as negative lenght, there is negative coordinates since somepoint has to be 0 and one side will be posetive and the other negative
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    What happens when you heat plasma?

    heat is energy, and when the energy it represents equals the same in RHIC got at that single point we get quark gluon plasma
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    What happens when you heat plasma?

    the RHIC part wich i now understand but you get the quark gluon plasma when its ehated since its alos of energ at one point wich happens at the cooliders alot of energy at one single point
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    Pre-Big Bang Scenario

    im not sure about this idea but talking about anything before big bang usualy means only speculations since nothing is left from any possible time before bigbang and therefor cant be falsefied or confirmed
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    What happens when you heat plasma?

    im not sure what you mean with this?
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    What happens when you heat plasma?

    there is a limit, plank temperature, hotter than that cant it got as it heats up it turns to a electron-quark-gluon plasma were nucleus dont exist and if you heat it even further you get a state of matter where matter is continiusly formed and annihilated
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    How wide is a photon?

    photons cant have size since relativity (i know this is mostly QM stuff but still something from there) would say it has 0 width and with it no radius no size
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    Can people really use yogic powers/their mind to levitate?

    before i blow the levitation myth to pieces i want to know from you who belive in it. Is it simple that youre not falling by gravity?
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    Evidence for psychic phenomena

    the classical way of archiveng this is simple to give vague predictions and then people like you do the rest of the work
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    How to solve this integral?" using that
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    Evidence for psychic phenomena

    there is a prize to the one who can prove phsycic phenomena under controlled enviorments, none have even tried even when they have advertised it. This means that no one tries becuase they know they will fail (if someone has tried without my knowledge they did fail cause none have been reported...
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    Galileo's Gravity

    think he didnt
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    How exactly are QM & GR incompatible?

    one problem with gravity bieng quantized is that when you try to do it a infinite amount of different variables need to be calculated wich will take a infinite time to determen
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    Evidence for psychic phenomena

    evidence for phsychic phenomena is nothing but the wishes of the person intepritating it to fit the wishes
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    Magnetic Field

    thats how it was decieded, the point that points to the north is the northpole of the magnet, and the otehr southpole. and as science figured out north attract to south tehrefor magnetic south have to be at geographic north