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    Drum question

    Hello, Is it possible to 'convert' the sound of a drum to a keyboard instrument, e.g. using signal processing techniques. Measure the pitch of a snare drum, and attempt to recreate it in MATLAB? I don't think it's possible, since a (snare) drum doesn't have a fundamental frequency, does...
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    Help me with math

    Hi I am a third year electrical engineering undergraduate, who would also like to engage in higher study of mathematics. I am in awe of mathematics, having done linear algebra and calculus as part of engineering, plus whatever is necessary for elec engineering (Laplace, DE's, Fourier, complex...
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    Linear programming problem

    Homework Statement Question (to be solved graphically) ------- A coffee company sells coffee under a "Best blend" label and an "Economy blend" label. Both are blended from three basic grades of coffee: Best blend = 40% A + 40% B + 20 % C Economy = 20% A + 40% B + 40% C The market...
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    Electric Displacement Field

    Can someone please post a problem/situation outlining the motivation / usefulness of the electric displacement field? (Particularly with a capacitor) I'm having trouble understanding the concept and information is sparse on the internet.
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    Density of States Confusion

    "the density of states (DOS) of a system describes the number of states at each energy level that are available to be occupied. " But I thought there can't be more than 1 electron in a state? How does DoS have any meaning when dealing with eleectrons?
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    Continuous time convolution

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble doing ct convolution i'm trying to convolve two signals together ie, the input x(t) and the impulse response h(t). basically, knowing the impulse response of an LTI system, you can find out the response y(t) to any arbitrary input x(t) using the convolution...
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    Optics question

    If I have a camera orbiting in space way above the Earth, and it has a diffraction limited resolution of 4.1*10^-7 m (diameter of airy disc), then how can I find out the corresponding value if the lens is supposed to take images of the Earth?
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    Polarization question

    Hi all.. I don't understand polarisation. When unpolarised light is passed through a polarizer, the result is linearly polarised light with the E field oscillating in a direction parallel to the transmission axis of the polarizer. Say it passes through another sheet (analyzer) with its...
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    Capacitor discharge problem

    hi all, wonderign whether you can help with this problem with capacitor discharging. take a look at the pic the question is In the circuit shown above, the switch has been in the upper position for a long time and moves to the lower position at t = 0. Find i(t). Basically, first i...
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    Advice please.

    I'm currently an electrical engineering/computer science undergraduate in the University of New South Wales located in Sydney, Australia. The thing is, my dad got a job in the states and we'll be mmoving there soon. I'm in the second semester of my first year here (the academic year starts in...