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    Linear algebra

    Homework Statement Unit cell of a crystal lattice is a parallelepiped spanned by the vectors u, v, w vectors have lengths of 1, 2 resp3 (le). angles between the vectors is [u, v] = pi / 4 [u, w] = pi / 3 [v, w] = pi / 6 Determine the volume of the unit cell. Homework Equations How do...
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    Ideal source

    Homework Statement Homework Equations Is 1 an ideal voltage source? Is 2 and ideal current source? i was solving a noninverting amplifier circuit and i was asked to find out output impedence. and in the first circuit output voltage was independent of the load resistence => output...
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    Engineering Non amplifiing circuit (OP)

    Homework Statement Analyze the ideal op-amp circuit shown in figure to find an expression for v0 in terms of vA,vB and the resistance values. Homework Equations if i label the voltage across R1 as V1 then vi know that v1=R1/(R1+R2) *v0 but i need one more expression for v1. i tried...
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    Solve Vx using Superposition

    Homework Statement [Broken] Homework Equations I need som help with this circuitI need to use superposition to find out the value of Vx. And to do that i need to zero the current source and voltage source The Attempt at a...