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    Ohm's Law Application Problem

    Are the wire and rail in series or in parallel with the car?? What must I do with the voltage of the station??
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    Ohm's Law Application Problem

    1. A car, 5 km distance from a station, take 100 A over a 100 mm hard drawn copper trolley wire having a resistance of 0.270 ohm per km. The rail and ground return has a resistance of 0.06 ohm per km. If the station voltage is 750 V, what is the voltage of the car? Homework Equations I...
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    Eliminate arbitrary constant

    I would like to eliminate the arbitrary constant in this equation: 2. x^3-3x^2y=C 3. I tried differentiating with respect to x: x^3-3x^2y=C 3x^2-(3x^2+6xy)=0? This is where i dunno what I will do next. I dunno know what the result of differentiating C with respect to x. I assumed it is...