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    Find power when resistor, capacitor, and inductor are connected in a series

    Homework Statement When a resistor is connected by itself to an ac generator, the average power delivered to the resistor is 0.952 W. When a capacitor is added in series with the resistor, the power delivered is 0.477 W. When an inductor is added in series with the resistor (without the...
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    Find ratio of two charges

    Homework Statement The drawing shows two positive charges q1 and q2 fixed to a circle. At the center of the circle they produce a net electric field that makes an angle 28.6° with the vertical axis, measured counterclockwise. Determine the ratio q2/q1. [the drawing shows a circle with two...
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    Sound of overhead plane is heard in the distance

    Homework Statement A jet is flying horizontally [drawing shows an observer on the ground, a plane overhead at point B, and an outline of the plane from it's observed position to the left at point A. The angle between the observer and point A is 36°.] When the plane is directly overhead at B, a...
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    Doppler Effect Stationary Source/Observer on a Spring

    Homework Statement A microphone is attached to a spring that is suspended from the ceiling. Directly below on the floor is a stationary 540-Hz source of sound. The microphone vibrates up and down in simple harmonic motion with a period of 2.20 s. The difference between the maximum and minimum...
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    Find the distance between objects and sound source

    Homework Statement One microphone is located at the origin, and a second microphone is located on the +y-axis. The microphones are separated by a distance of D= 1.21m. A source of sound is located on the +x-axis, its distance from microphones 1 and 2 being L1 and L2, respectively. The speed of...