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    Black Hole: Conservation of energy

    If black holes exist, they cant consume infinite amount of matter, so where does this energy go if it is not dissipated? Is it gamma ray bursts that dissipate this huge amount of energy? Or maybe a better question is, once a black hole is created, how long can it last? or do they last forever?
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    Solving to the exact

    Is is possible to solve every real integral and come up with an actual solution? perhaps we may have not just found the methods of doing so. Or is it a must to use approximations(series/sequences) to do so? Or is there a way to reverse numerical numbers to come up with a function?
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    Newtonian Dark Energy

    A very simple way to explain the observable universe expanding: Perhaps there is just a bunch of matter surrounding the observable universe and all the observable stars/galaxies are moving per the gravitational field created by matter outside that we have not yet seen. Thoughts?
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    Mathematics to explain

    Allright, looking at at a bunch of string theories and using math to explain, it really looks like nonsense. Calculus is easy math to learn because it means something, eg. explaining and altering functions to make sense fundamentally. What I dont understand, is how people use math to model their...