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    Relative speed of orbiting rockets in Schwarzschild metric

    Homework Statement Two rockets are orbiting a Schwarzschild black hole of mass M, in a circular path at some location R in the equatorial plane θ=π/2. The first (rocket A) is orbiting with an angular velocity Ω=dΦ/dt and the second (rocket B) with -Ω (they orbit in opposite directions). Find...
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    Deriving equation of potential energy of H2

    Homework Statement Derive the equation for the potential energy of a system of 2 hydrogen atoms as a function of internuclear distance. Homework Equations For electron/electron and nucleus/nucleus repulsion: V_E=\frac{e^2}{4\pi\epsilon_0 R} For electron/nucleus attraction...
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    Engineering Engineering physics or Mathematical physics

    Hi, So I'm with a real dilemma and I only have a few days to make a choice. My situation is the following: I'm 18 years old and next year I'm going to start university in Canada (Montreal). I have already applied in engineering physics and got accepted. However, the problem is that I'm really...