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    Finding number of atoms and volume

    Homework Statement The mass of a copper atom is 5.30 10-25 kg, and the density of copper is 8 920 kg/m3 . (a) Determine the number of atoms in 1 cm3 of copper. _______Cu—atom/cm3 (b) Visualize the one cubic centimeter as formed by stacking up identical cubes, with one copper atom...
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    EE Study Resources?

    Hi everyone I just finished my first year of electrical engineering. I am doing quite a few of self study for coming Calculus II and III, diff. equations, physics, and computer programming classes. I have all the resources I need for those. However, I want to start studying the basics of...
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    NJIT vs. Rutgers-Newbrunswick

    Hey guys, I'm in a dilemma of which school to choose. Rutgers, which has a 49th national ranking for engineering, or NJIT, which has as a 138th ranking in engineering. I would totally go to Rutgers other than for 2 main reasons: NJIT is a 5min drive while Rutgers is 45min. NJIT is...
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    Hard Trignometric Derivative Problem

    Homework Statement Find the derivative of sin(tan(square root of sinx)) Homework Equations derivative of: sin=cos tan=sec squared sinx=cosx The Attempt at a Solution cos(tan(square root of sinx))(sin(sec^2(1/2sinx)^-1/2(cosx)) So I did the derivative of the sin, left...
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    Differentiating 3 terms with product rule

    Homework Statement Find the derivative of (x^2)(sinx)(tanx) Homework Equations f(x+y)(d/dx)=(x)(y)d/dx+(y)(x)d/dx That's for differentiating with 2 terms. With 3, I haven't done it yet. The Attempt at a Solution x^2(sinx)(sec^2x)+tanx(sinx)2x+x^2(tanx)(cosx)...