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    Help with a tension problem

    My advice is to assume acceleration. Let us say that M1 is sliding down the incline plane, so write your equation based off of that. If it turns out that M1 is going up, it shouldn't really matter.
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    Daredevil jumps a canyon

    Well, here are some hints. I would break this down into components. Find the motion in a horizontal motion then vertical, and then combine your vectors.
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    Frictional Force 1

    I'll add onto the hint. Newton first law, in a nutshell, says that if the net force is equal to zero then the body's velocity is not changing, so since the velocity isn't changing then accelaration isn't there. So F=0 So draw a free body diagram. What forces are acting upon the cart? Do we...
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    How to go about this problem?

    Let us look at what we know. We know acceleration is 9.8 m/s because once an object is released then free fall takes place. We also know the height of the object at a certain distance. So, can you find a formula that uses those three variables plus one missing one? Perhaps...
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    Basic Kinematics question

    You were correct in saying that the distance would be defined as 2D. So now we must define time. We know that 2D must be divided by time, but how do we define time? Simple, were change the formula to define it as 2D all over D/v going up + D/v going down. Do some cancellations and then...