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    Fortran Fortran 90 question about reading files with text

    I have a file with text and adjacent to it, the number i want to read. Below is the format. I was wondering how to read just the numbers without touching the text. trhy 30.0 difje 30.0 sdjk 66.5 xmb 15.0 dcos 15.0 fjvm 2.573e-4 srht 9.05e-3 art3...
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    Fortran Interactive file naming for naming multiple files in fortran90

    I am looking for a way to create the files with names name according to value of variable in a loop. For example (not actual code): do i=1,11 open(10,file=name 'i'//".txt") ......... ......... enddo where 11 files with names: name1.txt, name2.txt....name11.txt will be created with the...