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    Electron Velocity

    Homework Statement An electron gun (applied voltage of 3000 volts) is emitting electrons. THe electrons enter a region of constant magnetic field (B=.025 Tesla.) The magnetic field is perpendicular to the velocity of the beam. Homework Equations W=Q(Delta V) = F*d V=F/eB The...
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    Thermodynamics: Vaporizing all Liquid

    Homework Statement I have a problem that I need assistance with: There is a well insulated rigid tank with 3 kg of saturated liquid-vapor mixture of water at 200 kPa. Initially, half of the mass is in the liquid phase. An electric resistor placed in the tank is connected to a 120-V source...
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    For some reason, I am unable to attach anything in a post. I was

    For some reason, I am unable to attach anything in a post. I was wondering why this is.
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    Expansion of Solids due to increases in Temperature

    I was given a question about a certain material. The idea was that when it was heated from zero degrees C to 200 degrees C, it would be 10.06 mm from its original length of 10. Doing it in reverse order, length of 10.06 mm from 200 C to 0 C gave me an answer of 9.99964, which is less than the...
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    Statics Question involving forces and moments

    Just figured I'd throw this up here. I was able to solve for the reaction at E when a=2 but when I tried for a=7.5, I wound up with something completely different. I was wondering what I'm not incorporating into the steps to solving this. Also, it says determine the reactions at A and E. The...
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    Problems in Statics Involving Moments related to rigid bodies

    I have a couple problems that I can't seem to get. The first I'm really close, I can tell, because my professor did one that was similar in class. The answer the book gives is 250 lbs, I'm coming up with 225. The second I think is similar to another problem he did in class but I'm not...
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    Question on Ferrofluid

    I recently did a lab report on ferrofluid for chemistry and am having difficulty with some questions. I was wondering if I could get some help. *Are there advantages to an oil-based ferrofluid compared to an aqueous ferrofluid? *Researchers have explored ways to attach medications to...
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    Clairaut's Equation in Optics

    I need help solving this problem. It's a class assignment for an end of the term grade and I'm stuck. PLEASE HELP.
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    Intersection Points of Polar Equations

    I've been having a problem finding the intersection points of the following polar equations. r=1+3sin(theta) and r=1-3cos(theta) Now I've set the equations equal to each other to obtain those points. I've set each equation equal to zero. The problem I'm having is that when graphed...