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    Materials Science vs. Materials Engineering

    I'm torn between the two options, and I would appreciate it if someone with experience could help me contrast materials science with materials engineering. From what I've heard, materials science ultimately leads towards research, and development of new material. Materials Engineers, on...
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    Find pH of buffer

    Homework Statement A buffer is made by dissolving 13.0g of sodium dihydrogen phosphate, NaH2PO4, and 15.0g of disodium hydrogen phosphate, Na2HPO4, in a litre of solution. What is the pH of the buffer? a) 7.84 b)7.47 c)7.20 d)6.85 e)6.63 Homework Equations pH = -log [H+]...
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    Find molarity, seemingly simple but I can't do it.

    Homework Statement Lauryl alcohol, C12H25OH, is prepared from coconut oil; it is used to make sodium lauryl sulfate, a synthetic detergent. What is the molarity of lauryl alcohol in a solution of 17.1g lauryl alcohol dissolved in 148g ethanol, C2H5OH? a) 0.310m b) 0.620m c) 0.842m d)...
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    Schools What's chemistry like in university? Lots of math?

    Hello, I am planning to major in chemistry and I just wanted to know if a lot of the material is, or requires, mathematics. I love math and I would say I am pretty good at it. It would be my second choice for a major. However, I heard that chemistry is not really a mathematical science, moreso...
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    Chemistry What can you do with a major in chemistry?

    Hello, I'm currently a high school student in grade 12 and I was wondering what one could do after majoring in chemistry. I am very interested in it, as well as math, physics, and bio. I want to know what kind of jobs chemistry majors can get and how common some of the jobs are (for example...
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    Biology Bioinformatics and Computational Biology? What is it really like?

    Hello, I am a high-school student applying to universities. I like math, and I like bio. I want a career that is the cross-section between these two subjects. I've been told about computational biology and bioinformatics. Can anyone please share any familiar experiences or any insight...
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    Need some insight on Engineering Geology/ Geological Engineering?

    I am a grade 12 high-school student in Ontario, Canada, and I am considering a career in Geological Engineering. I was hoping to get some insight from people who are specializing in it, and who can inform me on what the day to day life is like. So far, I have examined the "prospective...
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    What math should I specialize in? Help!

    Hello, I am a grade 12 Highschool student and I plan on, if all goes well, attending the University of Toronto. I love math and enjoy solving the problems. I do well in math contests and in the math courses, such as Calculus, at my school. Anyways, I need to pick a specialist program at UofT...
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    Schools Astronomy and Astrophysics at University of Toronto; Admission requirements?

    I am interested in the Astronomy and Astrophysics program at the University of Toronto. How well does one need to do in high-school to get into the program? What are the required courses and what marks would be advantageous? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Chemical Engineering vs Nanotechnology Engineering/ Nanoengineering?

    Help me decide, by suggesting differences and weighing pros and cons of each undergraduate program. I'm in frantic need of help here, and all replies would be appreciated :P
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    Schools University of Toronto - Engineering or Engineering Science?

    I heard a lot about these two programs and I'm quizzical on which one I should apply to. Can someone give me an overview with pros and cons on the two programs? I heard EngSci is much harder with the same potential benefits as normal Eng. All help would be appreciated :)
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    What is the MOST INTERESTING area of study?

    I'm in the point of my life where I am about to be applying for universities. I'm completely unsure of what I want to do with my life, and I'm in a worrying frenzy. Now, the ever-so-controversial question: What is the most interesting, unique and fascinating major? I know it depends for...
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    Are computer classes in high-school worth it?

    I'm currently in high school and I'm deciding whether or not to take a computer course such as Computer Science. The thing is, it seems like a dull subject (sorry to those who like it, this is just my opinion) involving basic mathematics. My friends have told me it's helpful for university...
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    Programs Physics vs Theoretical Physics - Help with choice of major please?

    OK. I'm a high school student in Ontario, soon to be applying for university. I have a couple of questions. First, I want details on the differences between theoretical physics, and regular physics. I seem to have a much heavier inclination towards theoretical physics, but it seems that...