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    Molecular mass of He+MON and He+MMH

    Dear all I have a case. I have two tanks, one is filled with Helium gas and monomethylhydrazine(MMH) and another tank with Helium gas and Dinitrogentetraoxide(MON). Both tanks are at 47degC so they are in gaseous form. I want to know what will be the Molecular Mass of the gas. The...
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    Area under the curve of a roll data of satellite

    Dear Members, I would like to ask if we plot the Roll data of a satellite in degrees vs. the time, and if we take the area under the curve of this roll will give something meaningful? Looking forward for your reply. Regards,
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    Reaction wheels

    Dears, I would like to know a basic thing, why does the Satellite doesn't rotate with the spinning wheel momentum wheel inside it?
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    How to get longitude from Two Line Element (TLE)

    Dear All I want to know the formula to extract the longitude of the satellite from the TLE below. I hope someone can help. Thanks 1 24652U 96063A 97251.85429118 .00000144 00000-0 00000-0 0 568 2 24652 0.0850 104.0202 0008355 303.2059 279.6585 1.00288964 3492
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    Difference Between Solar proton event and Coronal mass Ejection

    Hi All Whenever there is a solar activity two things are mentioned, SPE, CME and X-ray. Does anyone know the difference between SPE and CME? I couldn't find a descriptive or convincing answer on these two. What particles are associated with CME, is X-ray a part of CME? And what effects could...
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    Difference Between Plasma and Radiation

    Hi all In general sometimes we talk about plasma effects on satellites and radiation effects on satellites. Can someone tell the difference between the two? Thanks and Best Regards Hamza
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    Silicon solar cell degradation due to solar fluxes

    I am trying to find the Absorbed dose for Silicon cells on a geostationary satellite from a period of (1996 to 2005) The Equation I have is: D(rad) = 1.68e-8 *((1/ρ)*dE/dx) * Phi Where: D is absorbed dose and units are (100 ergs/g or 0.01 J/Kg) (1/ρ)*dE/dx = (MeV*cm^2)/g...
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    Full Motion Antenna motors designing problem

    Dear All I want to design a Full motion Antenna. But I want to start from the scratch. Suppose I have a 1m parabolic Antenna and I want to install two motors (Elevation and Azimuth) The motors should be DC. And I want to know how to calculate all the parameters required to move the...
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    Calculating the force at a single point of contact

    Hi all May be someone can help me with this problem. There is a isa-chrome60 wire (d=0.5 mm, tensile strength=600 N/mm^2) which is held at both ends using end connectors ( length of the wire = 20mm). And there is a nylon wire (d=0.5 mm) which is under tension (because of torsion spring)...
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    Thermal Resistance at a single point

    Hi All I am having a design problem. I want to melt a fishing line which is in contact at a single point with some material. The problem is that I have a 5 V of supply and Power should be between 1-3W. Some other constraints are that the material to which the fishing line is connected should be...
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    Converting Thermal Conductivity to Thermal Conduction/Resistance

    Hi all I want to convert thermal conductivity to thermal conductance. The problem is with the units. for thermal conductivity the units are [W/(m.K)] and for thermal conductance the units are [W/K] For E.g for copper thermal conductivity is 400[W/m.K] how can I convert it to thermal...
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    Design Problems- Solar Panel design

    Hi All I am designing the solar panel deployment mechanism using torsion springs for a satellite. I have a few questions to ask here and appreciate if someone could help: 1. How can I calculate the Force required by torsion spring to open the panel? ( mass of panel= 92.35 grams and...