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    Angle between colors - dispersion

    (a) A narrow beam of light containing yellow (660nm) and green (550nm) wavelengths goes from polystyrene to air, striking the surface at a 30 degree incident angle. What is the angle between the colors when they emerge? (b) How far would they have to travel to be separated by 1.00 mm? I need...
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    Simple Harmonic Motion of skydiver

    I can't seem to get the right answer, where is my mistake? A 90 kg skydiver hanging from a parachute bounces up and down with a period of 1.5 seconds. What is the new period of oscillation when a second skydiver, whose mass is 60 kg, hangs from the legs of the first? I am using the...
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    EMF and Terminal Voltage

    Hello everyone! I have a question and any help would be appreciated! (a) What is the internal resistance of a voltage source if its terminal voltage drops by 2.00 V when the current supplied increases by 5.00 A? (b) Can the emf of the voltage source be found with the information supplied?