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    Work done dissipated as heat (object moving up a plane)

    Homework Statement I have attached the question. Homework Equations W=Fd The Attempt at a Solution I get the answer as 240, but the correct answer is 120. What I did was get the component of the weight using mgsinθ = 6, then 6x40. The answer says you need to do 360-240=120...
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    Probability of MCQ

    Homework Statement This question isn't in a book, but I want to know the answer for myself. Q. If I take an MCQ test with 40 questions, each question has 4 possible answers with only one being correct, what is the probability of getting 40/40 in the test by guessing? I've tried solving...
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    Find acceleration of a ball

    The question is attached. The correct answer is D I got it as C first using the equation s=ut+1/2 a t^2 I took s as h, and t= (t2-t1) I put u=0, which I discovered isn't correct. I then tried putting u=at1 and got a complex equation and got stuck there.
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    Mechanics - find the coefficient of friction

    Homework Statement A horizontal force of 2 N is just sufficient to prevent a block of mass 1 kg from sliding down a rough plane inclined at arcsin \frac{7}{25} to the horizontal. Find the coefficient of friction between the block and the plane and the acceleration with which the block will move...