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    No load transmission line

    Homework Statement I was given all the full load stats of a long transmission line(100km) Vs, Is etec and i need to find the N0-load Vr and Is and no load Power consumed Homework Equations Im not entirely sure how to handle this, i would think, sense there is no load Vr and Vs are the...
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    Force to g units

    this problem might be extremly simple but the wording is confusing me b]1. Homework Statement [/b] "What dose that force correspond to in equivalent acceleration in g uints? (9.81 Nt/Kg)" the force i had from the question be fore is 1.8uN (micro) soooo is it asking me how many g's...
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    Need Mathematica graphics help

    Homework Statement I need to find a away to make circuit elements (resister capacitor etec) in Mathematica using lines graphic, and im new to this so im not really sure how.......and i need to connect the elements to make a circuit. i think i made a resister Graphics[Line[{{0, 0}...
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    Mathematica Hw

    Homework Statement Problem 1. Create a program to display a complex number (or a list of complex numbers) as an arrow (or arrows) on the complex plane. i know RandomComplex[] will give me a random complex number, and i know RandomComplex[{1 - I, 1 + I}, 5, WorkingPrecision ->...
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    Full wave rectifier/line regulation

    This is more of a lab then a homework Ok, so i had a full wave bridge rectifier w/capacitor hooked up to a power regulator. and i was attempting to perform line regulation- and for a Vmin i should have got around 10.5V but i got 2.4V. Why is that? I think the rectifier stopped rectifying but...