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    Electric Circuits

    Electric Circuits by Alexander and Sadiku is a very good text. You can pick up an old edition for cheap. Nilsson and Riedel is garbage.
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    Good introduction to linear algebra?

    You can check out mathwonk's free online notes for linear algebra.
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    A good book for intro circuit analysis?

    I also recommend Fundamentals of Electric Circuits by Alexander & Sadiku. You can pick the 2nd edition for cheap on ebay or half.
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    Best linear algebra book

    I used Linear algebra by David C lay when I took my first course in that subject. I don't think its too bad of a text.
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    Need a Fluid Mechanics Text

    Found it in my library's seach engine Fluid mechanics / by L.D. Landau and E.M. Lif****z ; translated from the Russian by J.B. Sykes and W.H. Reid. . 2nd edition 1999 I'll check it tomorrow, thanks
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    Need a Fluid Mechanics Text

    Someone recommend a Fluid Mechanics text for an introductory course. And to understand the position I am in at the moment bad professor, TA and text ( Fluid Mechanics by Frank M. White) My library has a few old fluids text, and the ones I flipped through were Fundamentals of Fluids by...
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    Recommend a statics book

    I'm currently using Statics: Analysis and design of systems in equilibrium by Sherri D sheppard. My classmates and I want another statics book for reference. We are looking into Vector Mechanics for Engineers, Statics and Dynamics 7e Ferdinand P. Beer (Author), Jr., E. Russell...