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  1. Mmm_Pasta

    Small oscillations in nonholonomic systems

    Non-holonomic systems are not covered in much detail to begin with. I haven't had to encounter non-holonomic systems in my other courses. Although, I guess you could say the same with Hamilton-Jacobi theory and Poisson Brackets with the exception of quantum mechanics. In my graduate course in...
  2. Mmm_Pasta

    What makes a good question in your opinion?

    I think having students take limiting cases could be one way for a student to rationalize why there solution is correct/reasonable. As for numerical answers: order of magnitude, comparison to real world scenarios, etc. are other ways of rationalizing that the numerical answer makes sense. I took...
  3. Mmm_Pasta

    Electrons in periodic potentials -- lesson

    I'm actually curious on how this went :P
  4. Mmm_Pasta

    Lecture format of teaching

    This semester I was a TA for a physics course that had a flipped format. I was actually surprised at the amount of students who came to class prepared. I was expecting maybe ~20% to have watched the online lectures, but the number was closer to ~80%. The students' feelings and performance varied...