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    Hamiltons Principle on Moving Cart with Fixed Beam

    Homework Statement -Use Hamiltons Principle Homework Equations \int _{t _{1}}^{t _{2}}({\rm }\delta T -\delta U -\delta V _{E }) dt} The Attempt at a Solution Here are my energy equations. So we have kinetic energy from the base and the beam. T_{{{\it beam}+{\it base}}}=1/2\,\int...
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    Near and Far Field Attenuation Inverse Laws

    Maybe I was thinking too much and thought there was more to the proof than just doing 20log(1/d^3) and 20 log (1/d). Thanks.
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    Near and Far Field Attenuation Inverse Laws

    Homework Statement near-field distance attenuation follows an inverse cube law (1/d^3), while in the far-field it follows inverse law (1/d). Prove mathematically how we arrive at 60dB/decade from the inverse distance cube relation and 20dB/decade from the inverse distance relation...