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    3D Graphing Software You might be able to use it. My school had a license for it, so I was able to download it. Maybe your school is listed
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    Chemistry report in MS Word

    Equation editor in ms word can do it. Go to insert/object, then scroll down and find microsoft equation. If its not here, then you will need the installation disk to install it.
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    Programming a parallelogram in C++

    Finally got it working. I just retyped the whole the program again, the way i used my variables in the beginning was just too confusing. hint #2 was just what i needed to get it working. Thanks man
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    Programming a parallelogram in C++

    Does this involve loops and nested loops, because i'm suppose to use those to display the parallelogram.
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    Programming a parallelogram in C++

    I'm having troube getting my program to display a parallelogram. The source code here just displays a triangle with "6" as the speicifed size. * ** *** **** ***** ****** ***** **** *** ** * The output is suppose to be something like this: _____* _____** _____*** _____****...