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  1. Mmm_Pasta

    Engineering Is "real" job anxiety normal (fresh graduate)?

    Anxiety is a normal thing to experience. There are varying levels of it that depend on the person and situation. We all have different ways of experiencing and coping with life. You are going through changes and you are not alone in what you are experiencing. Do you anyone that you can talk to...
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    Physics Need guidance from someone who has knowledge about spectroscopy to find chemical composition

    Is this a project you were assigned by someone or a personal project? You will have to use different types of spectroscopy to characterize food composition depending on the item you are studying. Here is a link I found with a quick Google search ("spectroscopy food composition)...
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    Job Skills Increased demand for STEM in the next 4 years?

    Disagreeing with one's views and having your own views challenged is not a healthy reason to ignore someone.
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    What Subfield of Physics has the *most* QM involved in it?

    QFT is not necessarily the relativistic version of QM. You can have non-relativistic quantum field theories. It's an extension of quantum mechanics to infinite degrees of freedom. Here's something to see some connections between QFT, classical field theory, and relativity...
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    Physics What to do when you feel like you've wasted your potential?

    I had a student who screwed up a lot when she was younger. She ended up dropping out of university due to poor performance and overall lack of maturity in life. They are back at university now and they are doing really well! It is still about a year or two until they apply for medical school but...
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    Other Tattoos in academia

    My experience is similar to MarneMath's. I have a half-sleeve on one arm that is sometimes visible and the other arm has several tattoos where the one across my entire forearm is always visible. The only times people have mentioned them is when someone finds the artwork interesting. I have...
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    Physics Can a theoretical physicist do multiple fields?

    People do work in multiple fields but usually there is some sort of connection. For example: right now I do research in transformation optics which combines general relativity and optics. We are using transformation optics to increase the efficiency that computers perform simulations of...
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    Quick Question: Switching Fields in PhD

    You can ask around the department you go to if students work with professors in other departments. At my school I know of some physics doing research in the EE department as well as others.
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    Physics and Music

    Some composers such as Iancu Dumitrescu and Joel Francois Durand compose by analyzing the harmonics present within instruments. Knowing Fourier transforms would be helpful in such a case. Iannis Xenakis also composed using ideas from physics - there is a piece he wrote that was written by...
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    NSF Fellowship. Do I have a shot?

    Do you have a shot if you don't? Just apply.
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    Career Change- From Music to Math

    In the US getting a pure or applied math degree is not sufficient to teach at a K-12 public school. One needs to go through an education program.
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    Should I give up on astrophysics and study something else?

    Does it have to be astrophysics? There are other interesting fields in physics - some having decent prospects. You could double major in both physics and mathematics if you still cannot decide between physics and finance. Also, just because you are passionate about something does not mean you...
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    What would you have done differently?

    I don't think these classes will make someone more interesting. One should go out and develop hobbies and meet non-science people. A class is no substitute for experience.
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    What should I do with my summer?

    Have fun. Enjoy your hobbies or develop some.
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    Physics I am a Doctor, Can I be a theoretical Physicist?

    Are you in debt? You may want to take that into consideration. A bachelor's will give you more debt and I think you'll find it hard to convince a graduate program to accept you considering you have a medical degree.
  16. Mmm_Pasta

    Physics Look for a job while being an undergraduate Physics student

    Ask professors about opportunities. If you really need money, try not to limit yourself to just a science field.
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    Engineering Maths PhD after majoring in mechanical engineering

    My real analysis professor obtained his B.S. in civil engineering and went to graduate school for math instead. He said he had to self study a lot. Also, there were examinations in algebra and analysis to get in, so he self studied to get good marks in these exams. Do note: he is from Iran so...
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    Engineering Why don't more engineers/scientists go into finance

    Some people don't see the need of making a high six-figure salary when they could be doing something they like to do. Some people from a STEM background do end up in finance.