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    Schools How to achieve the best results in life

    Everyone has a different set of values and a lot of things in life are neither correct or wrong. There is a lot of context that shapes the way people look at the world around them. We could give you advice or list off things that helped us, but we don't share the same past experiences or...
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    Question about studying statistical mechanics before or after MQ?

    Oh ok! In statistical mechanics you will study both classical and quantum systems. You should be familiar with the particle in a box and harmonic oscillator problems. You also need to know what fermions and bosons are. Textbooks will usually bring these topics up I believe. This should be...
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    Question about studying statistical mechanics before or after MQ?

    What is MQ? Master's Qualifiers? Modern Quantum? What is your background?
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    Studying What is the most effective way to study?

    Here is a brief what works and what doesn't:,_What_doesn't.pdf Doing problems is a good strategy. Self-testing as well. In addition to what symbolipoint said, if you look at a solution, ask yourself where you went wrong and why...
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    How many hours to study for quals?

    Are you sure about that? A grad qualifier may consist of four questions on a single topic with a three hour limit. The GRE is one-hundred multiple choice questions over a broad range of topics with a three hour limit. You will need quite a bit of intuition and be able to recognize wrong answers...
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    Studying Tips on learning quantum mechanics

    In addition to what jtbell asked, have you had any previous exposure to physics? You mentioned you are just starting your journey in physics. It may not be a good idea to jump straight into quantum mechanics. We need to know your math background as well as any exposure to physics you have had.
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    Studying What's wrong with my study habits?

    Pruxxia, there is a lot of research done on how people learn. Studying more does not necessarily mean you will perform better than someone who studies less. The key is to studying effectively and efficiently. Take a look at...
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    How many hours to study for quals?

    You should be studying smart. If you spend 500 hours studying areas you are strong in or comfortable with, that really isn't useful study time. We can't give you an estimate for time: too many variables to consider. Also, cramming 500 hours into a single month is far less effective than...
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    Studying Not doing well in a class -- Teacher is abusive. help please

    I agree with Vanadium and Dr. Courtney here. I've looked at your post history and I believe you should get help for your psychological issues if you are not already. I do notice one problem you have is you expect immediate understanding/results. Yes, there are things that the instructor could do...
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    Studying Need help finding an ok sleep schedule while in school

    Tell that to someone with Bipolar Disorder. Do some reading on circadian rhythm: Even something such as not sleeping the same time every day can have negative effects. Some people are rather ultra-sensitive to this.
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    Programs Not sure which science major to study

    Anyone with a diagnosed mood disorder (or any mental illness for that matter) is disqualified from joining the military. Joining the military is not going fix such an illness in the same way that joining the military will not fix cancer. I agree with Bipolar Demon and Stat Guy; please get help...
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    Method to learn Physics

    Regardless of your background, here is a short article that discusses learning strategies:,_What_doesn't.pdf Concept maps are good too if you know how to make one...
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    Other What are the problem solving skills you gain from... (Physics vs. Engineering)

    I was being unfair. There are quantitative skills and you do develop some computational skills. Although, I was answering the OP's question in terms of physics vs. engineering and I think there are other problem solving skills that engineers develop.
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    Other What are the problem solving skills you gain from... (Physics vs. Engineering)

    There is more to problem solving than solving relatively simple problems in a textbook. Engineering curriculum usually involve a senior design project where students have to work with team members and propose some design. They need to take into consideration things such as budget, time, and how...
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    Other Time to forget academia?

    Have you spoken to a professional such as a counselor about your depression? Mental health issues have the potential to spiral out of control. If you decide to speak to one, you might also be able to find out what you want and ways to deal with your current situation. It sounds like you are very...
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    Studying Should someone still learning basic physics worry about...

    You can try skimming through papers in various areas to see what might be appealing to you. You can do some internet searches of different experimental techniques and the equipment used. Computational approaches and some mathematical and numerical techniques involved. I would just get an...
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    How did you choose your PhD adviser?

    I have jumped around with different advisers. The first one: I enjoyed the research but I feel like I was not a match personality wise in the group. I just did not like the vibe of the environment - it was not a bad one either; I just was not a match for it. The second one: I decided to stay...
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    Programs Is it worth it to get a Bachelor of Mathematics after a PhD in Physics?

    I'm currently a PhD student in physics and have bachelor's degrees in both physics and mathematics. The math degree hasn't been of much use.
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    Programs A graduate degree in physics with a bachelor's degree in engineering
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    Other What subfield in physics has the most technical math

    I agree with micromass. Optics, for example, has a lot of math research related to numerical analysis. A lot of interesting math there - some of it being the same math found in general relativity! As far as I know, every physics field will involve difficult math and have interesting problems to...
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    What must I expect as a physics PhD student?

    One of the most untrue things I have ever heard about graduate school is the notion of "having no life". I spend quite a lot of time on some of my hobbies - I do have the occasional busy moments, but it's really not all that bad. Like others have mentioned, you need to be proactive about...
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    Suggestions for Quantum Computation Ph.D Program?

    University of New Mexico has a good program in the field.
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    Computational Physics Concentration

    You can look into computational electromagnetics/optics which is the field I currently work in. It fits really well with some of the interests you have listed and there are a large variety of projects! The research is commonly done in departments of electrical engineering, mathematics, optics...
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    Do i need differential equations?

    You'll need to know linear algebra, single/multi variable calculus, and how to solve some basic ordinary and partial differential equations. Courses in these fields can help, but are not necessary. Most physics programs require students to take a class that covers the mathematical techniques...
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    What diffy Q solving methods are most important?

    Normally one would look up the general solution to some differential equation and then apply any initial conditions or boundary values. What you should focus is knowing what a differential equation is, how to set up a problem that will produce such equation (like what you do in mechanics), etc...
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    Stanford (or any Ivy League) Graduate Program

    The best you can do is get research experience, good grades, good physics GRE scores, and have a clear idea about why you are applying to particular school. For example, if you want to go to Princeton and are interested in ultrafast optics, you'll get rejected because no research in ultrafast...
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    Schools A question regarding grad school resume & essay

    I wouldn't worry. They might not even notice unless the typo is misplacing the spacebar in a phrase such as "pen island"
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    Studying Quantum Mechanics Textbooks Problem

    Introduction to Quantum Mechanics by Griffiths is good for GRE purposes. Also, due to atomic physics relying on quantum a lot, studying Griffiths will help for about a quarter of the test. Because of this and other special topics, quantum really makes up 25% of the test.
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    Second Course in Linear Algebra

    Definitely Linear Algebra II - I've encountered nearly every topic in that description in physics.
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    Comparative Difficulty of Sciences?

    I did some research in volcanology for ~1.5 years. I did a lot of computational stuff where I solved partial differential equations among other things. I also implemented a way to visualize the results graphically as a simulation. Just depends I guess...