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  1. Mmm_Pasta

    Musicians that went science route instead?

    I was originally a music/math major when entering university. I switched the music major to physics due to family pressure and I chose physics since the curriculum looked interesting. I played saxophone back then, but nowadays I play bass guitar and classical guitar. Usually classical guitar due...
  2. Mmm_Pasta

    Are art and science bad friends?

    I know a lot of people who do artistic as well as science. I'm a PhD student in physics and I like to play music and I do art in various mediums. Below is a drawing of my friend's electric guitar and he is a PhD student in astronomy. I also know a lot of people in my department who play music. I...
  3. Mmm_Pasta

    Music transition in the past decade

    I hate threads like these. It's mostly because of the focus on popular bands/music. When I opened the thread I was expecting something more along the lines of a discussion about experimental bands, avant-garde stuff, etc. I wouldn't really consider a shift from bands to solo artists much of a...