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  1. Mmm_Pasta

    I Finding Real and Imaginary Parts of the complex wave number

    The positive sign must be taken for k to be real. Taking the negative sign would result in a negative value and hence k would be imaginary since the square root of a negative number is imaginary.
  2. Mmm_Pasta

    B What is the evidence that there is gravitation?

    That "something" we see, we simply label it as a force that we call gravity. This "thing" we call a force, with the name gravity, has certain properties and it explains a large amount of phenomenon that we see around us. Otherwise, we'll be going into an argument about semantics if I'm...
  3. Mmm_Pasta

    How does one exactly calculate gravity? How to portray a visual?

    This isn't the equation for any two masses. This is for two spherical or point masses. The equation between a rod and a sphere would be different. You can get creative with different geometries. As others have said, you can plot the force as a function of separation distance.
  4. Mmm_Pasta

    What is the equal amount of force acting on both Earth and the Moon? Just look up the values for the masses of the Earth and Moon and the separation of their centers of mass.