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    Anyone else take the fundamentals of engineering (FE) exam yesterday?

    Yea I took it at the exam site in Pomona yesterday. I thought there was alot of mechanics ( strength of materials) type of questions on both the morning and afternoon general test. I saw some fluids, and thermodynamics questions. I only saw 1 heat transfer problem and it was ridiculously easy...
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    I can't believe it's a yogurt store

    I should really try it. I still got a buy one get one free coupon they passed out a couple of days ago.
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    Favourite Quotes"
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    Anyone know any facts about ginseng?

    Back when I used to help out around my relatives shop, most of the ginseng I sold were to people wanting more energy.
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    Tooth extraction?

    I think there are different methods for pulling teeth out... Back when I was little I had to have some teeth pulled for braces :cry: I swear the guy had to pull and pull until the tooth popped out. Now about 4 years ago I had my wisdom teeth taken out ( mine were all fully grown out). I...