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  1. Mmm_Pasta

    How Do I Motivate Myself?

    ADHD isn't the only cause of lack of focus; these deficits are common with TBI, Bipolar Disorder, Tourette's, and many other disorders - the brain is complicated. It could also be due to reasons that Choppy stated. That's why I gave a suggestion for getting a professional evaluation. An...
  2. Mmm_Pasta

    How Do I Motivate Myself?

    Do you have cognitive deficits? I also have huge problems with focus and I find it hard to function while sitting down as well lol. I went through a neuropsychological evaluation and had very noticeable impairments with attention and short term memory. For example, if you told me a short story...
  3. Mmm_Pasta

    How much free time do you guys get?

    I've heard things about residency/interns and medical rotations in terms of large hours worked. There isn't much regulation in terms of hours as far as I know for this. It is also highly dependent on the field you work in. I believe current regulation is 80 hour work weeks and one cannot work a...
  4. Mmm_Pasta

    How much free time do you guys get?

    I wouldn't say it is a warped sense of reality; that is a bit extreme. The OP grew up being told that experts spend every living moment involved in their field, so it is easy to see how they would think that. They probably haven't had a lot of experience interacting with the experts they are...
  5. Mmm_Pasta

    Do You Even Physics bro.

    It's more of a tongue-in-cheek type of slang in a certain portion (Misc.) of a certain forum (bodybuilding forums). A lot of the members there are actually intelligent. They pay heavy attention to nutrition and discuss what research literature has to say. It's just like here at PF where there...
  6. Mmm_Pasta

    Do You Even Physics bro.

    Are you salty OP? Do you even lift? Zyzz is GOAT denial/10 Ayyyyyy I think I've spent way too much time lurking on the bodybuilding forums...
  7. Mmm_Pasta

    Cool Optical Illusion and Our Created Reality

    It's interesting to see a scientific viewpoint of this. Creating an optical illusion is somewhat simple if you understand how to draw in perspective and colour theory. Books on these describe how objects out of the cone of vision become distorted, how the line of sight works and how you see...
  8. Mmm_Pasta

    News RIP Drakkith's PC

    I know the feels - my wireless headphones I've had for five years recently broke.
  9. Mmm_Pasta

    MIT cuts ties with Walter Lewin

    Someone has already shared an example of one thing Lewin said, I can share the link where such info was shared. I can't verify if the info is correct or whether there were more interactions. As for the third question, if something is just made up then sure it can be unfair. You have to determine...
  10. Mmm_Pasta

    MIT cuts ties with Walter Lewin

    I think Lewin said things that can be taken as sexual harrassment online, but probably not in person. A lot of times it is the way you say something. It is hard to know someone's tone of voice online. Unfortunately, people do overreact to things and it's hard to say if the students who...
  11. Mmm_Pasta

    I cannot solve physics problems without solution help

    Have you tried sharing ideas with your peers on approaching a problem? Often times you come up with good ideas just bouncing thoughts off one another.
  12. Mmm_Pasta

    Oh, the irony?

    I wouldn't wear a shirt like that, but it does make for some neat tattoo artwork.
  13. Mmm_Pasta

    Can you do more than 40 hours of calculation per week?

    If you aren't able to work efficiently after some amount of time, give it a rest. No need to force yourself if you aren't going to be productive. Also, just because someone works more, that doesn't mean they are more productive.
  14. Mmm_Pasta

    Favorite physicist and why?

    Probably Feynman because of the way he communicated.
  15. Mmm_Pasta

    Einstein or non science?

    Can't you "angle" it along the diagonal? That'll cut the rectangle in half. That's how I'm understanding the post anyway. I agree with Mark.
  16. Mmm_Pasta

    Anyone Else Have Sleep Issues?

    What's funny is keeping a TV or computer on helps me sleep. I have Tourette's and my tics can keep me awake if I don't occupy my mind with something until I'm very tired. Recently I have been getting in the habit of putting my TV on a timer, though. I'll occasionally read until I'm sleepy as...
  17. Mmm_Pasta

    We finally got hit by the winter weather

    We have snow up here in Flagstaff. =)
  18. Mmm_Pasta

    If you never went to university, would you still have studied physics

    If I hadn't gone to university I wouldn't have been introduced to physics.
  19. Mmm_Pasta

    How do you take notes?

    I study in much the same way as Gullik. I read through a chapter and work through derivations. I'll look at other sources afterwards to see different ways that the material has been worked through, etc. I look for papers on pedagogy, try to find ways I could explain the material I learned to...
  20. Mmm_Pasta

    How fast do you read? WPM!

    I got 261 WPM. I'm as fast as an 8th grader. =)
  21. Mmm_Pasta

    Grad School: Is a disciplinary sanction for drinking a kiss of death?

    No, I've talked with people about this. I was put on probation my freshman year for drugs and none said it would be an issue since I've been good since then. In addition to that, what CompuChip said. I should note that I wasn't charged with a misdemeanor or anything. I was on university probation.
  22. Mmm_Pasta

    Computer simulation of an object entering a blackhole Here you go.
  23. Mmm_Pasta

    Saw a side of my best friend tonight

    1) If there is a certain group of people he doesn't like, why should he go into the bar with those group of people? It's one thing to say you don't like a certain race but another to say you don't like Hells Angels. "Subculture" isn't specific. 2) Don't expect this behaviour to be exclusive to...
  24. Mmm_Pasta

    Is gaming bad?

    Gaming is just a way to have fun, just like many other activities. At least you're not wasting your time trying to build a perpetual motion device. I spend roughly hours (~4 on weekdays, ~10 on weekends) on most days on SpeedRunsLive watching streams and enjoying the chat conversations there. In...
  25. Mmm_Pasta

    News China with Drones?

    I smiled for my license (obtained 14 June 2011). No one had a problem with it. Most of the time I get asked to smile whenever I have to show my ID since I had long hair at the time. Apparently they know it's me from the smile. :P
  26. Mmm_Pasta

    Drinking a Glass of Wine While Studying

    A glass or two, doubt it has much effect. The more I drink, though, the longer it takes me to think about what I'm studying. Three or four beers has a small effect on me. The fifth one I begin to notice my thinking is quite a bit slower. Even then, though, I find myself waking up in the middle...
  27. Mmm_Pasta

    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

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