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    Please Help Mirrors/lenses

    Please Help!! Mirrors/lenses I have been working on a Physics assignment for a long time now, and I can't seem to figure out three questions. It's due tonight, so any help would be greatly appreciated!! Here they are: 1. A dentist uses a small mirror of radius 36 mm to locate a cavity in...
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    Transformer efficiency/primary current (help )

    Transformer efficiency/primary current (help!!) Real transformers are not 100% efficient. That is, the efficiency, in percent, is represented by e = (100%) Ps/Pp. A step-down transformer has an efficiency of 92.5% is used to obtain 23.0 V from the 125 V household voltage. The current in the...
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    Transistor radio/kWh problem

    **Transistor radio/kWh problem** A transistor radio operates by means of a 10.0 V battery that supplies it with a 48 mA current. (a) If the cost of the battery is $0.55 and it lasts for 300 h, what is the cost per kWh to operate the radio in this manner? 3.819 dollars/kWh...