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  1. FruitNinja

    Planet orbiting around a star whose mass changes

    1. Homework Statement (Assuming all circular orbits) Say there is a star with mass M and a planet orbiting that star with a mass m. The star M then suddenly loses half of its mass. (So now it is M/2) What is the new radius of orbit of the planet around the star? Warning: Velocity will not be...
  2. FruitNinja

    ORBIT: change in orbital distance

    1. Homework Statement we know the mass of the moon, Mm, and the earths, Me, and also the initial distance between their centers as the moon orbits the earth, Rem. Now if the earth’s angular velocity about its own axis is slowing down from a initial given angular velocity, ωi to a final angular...
  3. FruitNinja

    Potential Energy function for this system

    1. Homework Statement Find the potential energy function for the three mass, earth, and pulley system as shown. The potential energy will be as a function of the vertical position downward as shown in the diagram. Also, find the equilibrium position of this system. The two outside masses are...
  4. FruitNinja

    Time it takes for block to slide down an incline in elevator

    1. Homework Statement MECHANICS: Given Theta, L, M, and acceleration of elevator relative to ground. Find the time it takes for the block to reach the end of the incline. Here is a diagram: [Broken] 2. Homework Equations f=ma kinematics relative...