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    Spreading of a Free-Particle Gaussian Wave Packet

    1. Homework Statement It can be shown that the position probability density for the one-dimensional, free-particle Gaussian wave packet can be expressed as shown below, where m is the mass of the particle and L is the position uncertainty at time t=0, vgr = hbar *k0/m, k0 is the average wave...
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    Calculus: Given parabola and vx in terms of x and c, prove constant velocity

    Here an AP Physics problem that's really bugging me. 1. Homework Statement A particle moves along the parabola with equation y = .5x^2 part a) I believe I did this correct. part b) Suppose that the particle moves with a velocity whose x-component is given by vx = c / (1 + x^2)^.5 Show...