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  1. Athanasios

    How to self study physics?

    @cpsinkule Well it would be really helpful if you could give me a book or books on classical mechanics, E&M and elementary QM, but what is the needed mathematical background for those? Because I have not taken calculus yet. Would you advise on first learning calculus and then going through the...
  2. Athanasios

    How to self study physics?

    I'm not sure about the coursera course because I don't fancy videos as a way to learn even though I see they will reference some textbooks. I believe I would be more comfortable with a textbook written in a self-study fashion and also have something like a Schaum's outline series because they...
  3. Athanasios

    How to self study physics?

    So, having seen micromass's marvelous thread on how to self study mathematics I was wondering whether someone could create a similar thread just about physics? Because it would be really helpful to get advice on how to approach the subject and which textbooks to use and maybe it could be divided...
  4. Athanasios

    New Member Introduction

    Greetings to everyone on this wonderful site! I have recently joined because it seemed like too much fun not to engage it discussions and what not. Anyway, I am currently in high school and somehow got very interested and curious about math and physics in particular. So, I decided that I am...