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    Is your mass a constant?

    Well if you don't add some form of energy (such as Turkey or Stuffing) to it, no your mass will not increase all by itself. See equation: E = m * c2
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    Help with Dimensions

    Thank you for proving my point. The equation and matrix above prove that space and time cannot be described seperately. Taking either out of the equation or matrix renders them meaningless. As far as 10-dimensions go, yes there is a working theory describing all 10 dimensions, but has yet to...
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    Help with Dimensions

    What? Time and space are one in the same. How would YOU consider them different? Type in SR Albert Einstein on Wikipedia Albert Einstein's and see the proof. Saying is 2-dimensional is as ridiculous as saying its 60 - dimentional. Neither is possible. The 60th dimension doesn't exist (as of...
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    Help with Dimensions

    There are 'four' experimentally proven dimensions. Anything and everything must be defined by 'four' dimensions. It doesn't make sense to me to say "An Object exists in two dimensional space" or "Three dimensional." To mean there is one dimension, what everything exists in, defined by...