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  1. Vorde

    Physics beyond the speed of light.

    There was a paper published I want to say about a year ago (I looked but could not find it) that was somewhat along these lines. I could only get a little way through it because it was technical but the gist was that the paper was exploring what superluminal travel would be like according to...
  2. Vorde

    Lightspeed - Spaceship on a lever theory.

    The reason I linked to the post I did was because I thought the error in the OP's logic was what HallsofIvy just said - that the fulcrum could be perfectly rigid. In that sense I thought it was the same mental problem as the rigid pole thought experiment.
  3. Vorde

    Lightspeed - Spaceship on a lever theory. [Broken] Not quite the exact same thing, but this should get the point across. Also I'd note it's impossible to have an infinite amount of energy, so you're asking if you can do something impossible by doing something impossible.
  4. Vorde

    Static light

    I'm weary to leave you here because I think you're going down the wrong path. Time does exist, in relativity theory it's treated as a fourth dimension (after the three spatial ones). This is a pretty good introduction to this idea, called spacetime, though it gets a bit mathy at the bottom...
  5. Vorde

    Static light

    How do you propose we define what 'occuring at a different rate' means without time?
  6. Vorde

    Static light

    That was a damn good analogy, what he said :smile:
  7. Vorde

    Static light

    Not at all, in any way. First of all, and obviously, light does not think, so nothing concerns it. Second of all, obviously time exists, or how else can you explain that and this moment I am here and at the next moment I am there?
  8. Vorde

    Static light

    It's not really a meaningful question. As Simon said, if you look at the equations of Relativity and look at what happens as you take a particle whose speed approaches light speed, you'll say that the time the particle experiences approaches 0. But the second you actually make that speed of the...
  9. Vorde

    Race across the Universe:Who is on edge? Force Vs. Light

    They are sort of one and the same, think about it for a while. I don't understand your point/question though.
  10. Vorde

    Photon energy and black holes

    I have no clue what angle hawking radiation photons are emitted, but because I've never heard that being talking about I'd assume they are radiated at all angles. Meaning that there is a small chance any photon would be emitted into the photon shell. That being said, it seems to me the photon...
  11. Vorde

    Photon energy and black holes Wikipedia is great, isn't it?
  12. Vorde

    Maximum photon energy

    Well: 1) Because thats all our current technology can do right now. If you think about it, the sun radiates in every wavelength, and a 100% efficient solar panel would have to be able to convert photons of an arbitrary wavelength into electricity, which our panels cannot do. So we focus on...
  13. Vorde

    Maximum photon energy

    Disregard my latter comment, I was following up on an article I read but upon further research I discovered they sort of hand-wavingly said what they said without telling the reader that they skipped over important details. There is no upper limit to photon energy.
  14. Vorde

    Maximum photon energy

    Not feasibly, something like that (energy of an asteroid) isn't physically realistic, and of we are talking purely theoretically I know there are limits on the amount of energy you can force into a single point, but I don't know the details enough to expand on that.
  15. Vorde

    Maximum photon energy

    I can't imagine there being an upper limit to the energy, In fact I'm positive. As for the highest energy photon ever observed, I know a cosmic ray was once detected that had the energy of a baseball traveling at 100 mph (which is insane, btw), but I can't remember if that was a photon or not...
  16. Vorde

    How Does Thin-Film Interference Create Color Effects?

    Feynman's QED treats this problem really well. One thing I would say is that you are wrong about the white-color aspect. When light of all sorts of different frequencies enters the eye, all of the color-receiving nodes are activated and our brains perceive white light. When your eyes receive...
  17. Vorde

    Crazy thing happens when I play with my laser

    I don't blame you! I can imagine why that happens, and to me it definitely sounds like self-interference.
  18. Vorde

    Crazy thing happens when I play with my laser

    I can't speak on the specifics of the situation without a picture of the 'ripples', but what is happening is that the light is interfering with itself which causes an interference pattern, I believe the pattern is circular when a beam is interfering with itself, which would explain this.
  19. Vorde

    Different Wavelengths of Light in Particle View

    I completely understand how different shades of light (red, blue, UV, Radio etc...) can be explained when light is viewed as a wave (different wavelengths etc..). However I am curious as to how different frequencies of light are possible when light is considered as photons instead of a wave...