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    A Problem About IVT and RT

    Using IVT and RT, work out an estimate for the smallest distance of the curve y = cos(x) + 1 to the origin i know intermediate value and rolle's theorem , but i don't know how to tackle this problem do you have any idea ?
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    A chemistry question

    Chlorine can be generated by heating together calcium hyperchlorite and hydrochloric acid. Calcium chloride and water are also formed. a) If 50.0g of Ca(OCl)2 and 275mL of 6.00M HCL are allowed to react, how many grams of chlorine gas will form? b) Which reactant will be in excess and...
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    Differential equations problem

    solve the following ivp xy' - y = 3xe^2y/x y(1)=-1 how can i get rid of e ? does anybody help me ? thanks in advance.
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    Trigonometric integral problem

    Homework Statement \int\frac{1+\sqrt{cosx}}{sinx} Hi , I really need a help for this Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution \int\frac{1+\sqrt{cosx}}{\sqrt{sin}\sqrt{sin}} \int\frac{1}{sinx} + \int\frac{1}{\sqrt{sinx}}\sqrt{}\frac{cosx}{sinx} = \int cscx +...