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    Deterministic Finite Automata - Myhill Nerode

    Homework Statement Let ## f\left( b_{1}, \dots , b_{n} \right) ##be a boolean function. Define ##S_{f} = \{\left( b_{1}, \dots , b_{n} \right): f\left( b_{1}, \dots , b_{n} \right)=1; b_{i} \in \{0,1\}, 1\leq i \leq n \}## The subsets ##S_{f}## are viewed below as languages consisting of...
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    Dinning Philosophers' Problem Using Conditional Variables

    Homework Statement I can't see where the problem is in the following pseudo-code. I recall from class that the problem is based on the signal calls and wait call in pickup() and putdown() Thank you. Homework Equations class Monitor R() { bool forks[5]; // all true condition c[5]; void...
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    How to prove Liveness in processes.

    Homework Statement I have a question about theory of multi-processes competing for resources. Basically, I want to know a semi-formal way to prove liveness, which informally it means that "something good must eventually happen". For example, some process may eventually enter a critical...