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  1. nuclear_chris

    Fourier series, Hermitian operators

    Sorry the square of the momentum operator is -(hbar)^2*d^2/dx^2
  2. nuclear_chris

    Fourier series, Hermitian operators

    I believe the point of your problem is to prove that d^2/dx^2 is Hermitian. You only need to substitute and show that the difference <f|Lg> - <Lf|g> is zero using integrals. All functions in quantum physics should be square integrable because if they weren't, then the inner product, and hence...
  3. nuclear_chris

    Quantum state of system before measurement

    The statement you can make about a wave function before measurement is that it is a superposition or sum of basis wave functions, such that when a measurement is made, that wave function collapses into one of the basis. Another words it is a wave packet made of many waves each with its own...