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  1. nuclear_chris

    Triboelectric generators

    BTW triboelectricity is not piezoelectricity. Piezoelectricity uses crystal like materials to generate power when they are subjected to stress, where as triboelectricity uses materials that are brought into contact to generate power.
  2. nuclear_chris

    Triboelectric generators

    Energy Density = Power/Area. It is a metric that describes how good a power technology is. If you have 98 Watts/Square meter and you had 1 square meter of triboelectric material, you should expect 98 Watts of power. Or if you have 2 square meters of triboelectric material, you should expect 98 X...
  3. nuclear_chris

    Triboelectric generators

    Triboelectricity happens as a result of taking two different materials and rubbing them together. After rubbing, one material gives up its electrons to the other material. This results in one material becoming negatively charged and the other becoming positively charged. When you separate the...
  4. nuclear_chris

    Faraday's vs Ampere's Laws and current density

    On the right side of Del X E you would have the negative of the time derivative of B. The substitution for E looks fine.