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    Helium Balloon and Compton Generator

    From Classical Mechanics by Taylor: "The Compton generator is a beautiful demonstration of the Coriolis force due to the earth's rotation,.... A narrow glass tube in the shape of a torus or ring (radius R of the ring >> radius of the tube) is filled with water, plus some dust particles to let...
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    Projectile Motion of a cannon

    It seems wrong because my discriminant gives the relation of \theta > 70.5 rather than less. Also, 70.5 seems too big because by that angle I would have thought that the decrease in y would have overtaken the increase in x. Lastly, my teacher didn't exactly find my answer to be correct.
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    Projectile Motion of a cannon

    A cannon (at the origin) shoots a ball at an angle \theta above the horizontal ground. Neglect air resistance. Let r(t) denote the ball's distance from the cannon. What is the largest possible value of \theta if r(t) is to increase throughout the ball's flight? Taylor, Classical...
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    Electric field in a sphere with a hole

    As the title implies, I am having a problem with the way this problem is done. problem: "An insulating sphere with radius a has a uniform charge density p. The sphere is not centered at the origin but at vector(r) = vector(b). Show that the electric field inside the sphere is given by E =...