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  1. nuclear_chris

    Engineering Physics or engineering for study?

    If you want to do pure research or teach Physics, then Physics is the way to go. If you want to design and build things, then Engineering is the way to go. For Physics, I'll have to caution you that if you want to conduct pure research in Physics, you will need a Ph.D. Not to say you cannot get...
  2. nuclear_chris

    MQF or PhD physics? Decision for Fall 2015

    I have a degree in Physics and yes you can transition from Physics to finance like positions because I have made that transition. When I started out my career I was a Research Scientist for the Army (on the government side, not a contractor) conducting research on Power Generation Technologies...
  3. nuclear_chris

    DoD jobs and internships

    I'm a government employee (GS level) who evaluates the cost and technical aspects of proposals submitted by companies like Raytheon, Lockheed, etc, so I have to cation, that if you want to work for these companies, know that you may not get overtime pay, unless it's a certain amount over. I...