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  1. nucleartear

    Expert puzzle

    May be the fingers are an excellent example of base 1!
  2. nucleartear

    Sell your souls!

    Your soul is worth £147639. For your peace of mind, 1% of people have a purer soul than you. Yeah... I was afraid about questions like "have you ever eaten the heart of anyone?" or "have you ever created a biologic mass destruction weapon and used it at any country like China in the last...
  3. nucleartear

    What Do You Do If ?

    If only a 10-years-old boy talks with me and I'm his psychologist, I would begin to suspect that maybe I am dead. What do you do if you begin to suspect that maybe you are dead?
  4. nucleartear

    Let me tell u a problem

    Congratulations!!! You have win trhee adimensional-points!! You have your first block to make a triangle!! (silly joke, I know)
  5. nucleartear

    Let me tell u a problem

    There are three guys who go to a motel. They ask for a room, and the owner of the motel receives to them $30. After, when the three guys are at the room, the owner remember that room is only $25, so, he calls to the bellboy and say: "Give that $5 to the three guys". But tomorrow is his...