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    Neutral Wire

    let me put it this way. unless you have a circuit loop you can not have a current flow. so regardless of where or what voltages you have. the high voltage is reduced to the operational voltages by transformers. these transformers are referenced or grounded to earth at a certain point...
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    Neutral Wire

    well the way i see it the neutral wire is the centre tap of the transformer. not a ground but ussually connectected to ground at a certain point at the electrical box. so say if we have an transformer with three wires and one is the center tap. now until any part of the circuit is referenced...
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    Making a stronger air flow using 2 fans

    just a question just a little question. If the air from the fan does not cool the object enough. Is the air temperature too warm? maybe the air needs to be cooled? sorry for this but when i used a cheap old air conditioner and on a cabinet where the outside temp was about 36-40 c. The heat...
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    Cathode ray tube

    oops....cathode ray tube oops....cathode ray tube okay electrons emitted from cathode toward screen at say 20000 volts (could be different) beside the path by the cathode are electrically charged plates that are varried to dirrect the path of electrons to phosphors on the screen that glow...
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    Cathode ray tube

    i am not the smartest one but ..... i am not the smartest one but basically a tube operates on voltages and the the attraction of opposites and under vacuum. So the cathode (electron emmiter) is heated so the electrons are boiled off and flow towards the anode. the current is controlled by...
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    Russian helicopter death ray

    hi i was wondering about the russian helicopter death ray and if it was based on the russian multi beam klystrons and all in one technology. does it use tesla multi beam technology? thanks