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  1. Filip Larsen

    I Rotational invariance of cross product matrix operator

    Given that the normal vector cross product is rotational invariant, that is $$\mathbf R(a\times b) = (\mathbf R a)\times(\mathbf R b),$$ where ##a, b \in \mathbb{R}^3## are two arbitrary (column) vectors and ##\mathbf R## is a 3x3 rotation matrix, and given the cross product matrix operator...
  2. Filip Larsen

    Having "agree" as like-option?

    I often just want to indicate that I agree or concur with a post, but since "Agree" is not a direct choice on the like-button menu, I am not sure what is best. Should I go with "Like"? I guess this is the closest option, but it somehow feels different than "Agree" in the sense that "Agree"...
  3. Filip Larsen

    Copenhagen Suborbitals performs sea launch of guided rocket

    The danish rocket group Copenhagen Suborbitals are scheduled to perform a sea launch of their first guided rocket, the 5.3 m long Sapphire, on Sunday, June 23th at around 9:00 UTC (11:00 CEST, 05:00 EDT, 02:00 PDT) from the test range ES D 139 in the Baltic Sea. The purpose of the launch is to...
  4. Filip Larsen

    Copenhagen Suborbitals to perform double sea launch of SMARAGD Friday at 08 UTC

    According to the latest status and weather reports, the danish amateur rocket group Copenhagen Suborbitals [1] is still go for a sea launch of one or both of its two-stage SMARAGD hybrid rockets in the expected launch window Friday, July 27 at 08 to 12 UTC [2]. The first launch will be...
  5. Filip Larsen

    Copenhagen Suborbitals to perform TM65 static rocket engine test Sunday at 17:00 UTC

    A livestream video feed from the event has started and can be accessed via the CS homepage [1] or the corresponding blog on Wired [2]. Some background information about CS can be found on [3] together with a (very) short description on the TM65 [4]. [1] [2]...
  6. Filip Larsen

    Forum netiquette in a push-mode world?

    I've recently started to notice that whenever I reply to some post (even if I'm the first one posting after the OP question), people will often make a later post to the thread seemingly without as much as a glance through mine or other peoples posts in the thread and often repeating what has...