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    Complex Numbers: Equation involving the argument operator.

    Homework Statement Question: Homework Equations Any relevant to complex numbers. The Attempt at a Solution Given, Arg(\frac{z}{w})= Arg(z)-Arg(w) z=x+yi z1 = -1-2i z2 = 2+3i Arg(z-z1)=Arg(z2-z1) LHS: Arg(x+yi+1+2i) Arg((x+1) + i(y+2)) tan(\theta)=\frac{y+2}{x+1}...
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    3dimensional wave propogation.

    I thought the maths area would be the best place to ask.. What kind of function would represent a 3 dimensional sine wave? A sine wave, where the z-axis lays on the circumference of a circle.
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    Maxima word problem - Not sure about my answer.

    Maxima word problem -- Not sure about my answer. This was in an assignment handed out after our introduction to extrema's. A builder wants to build a small building consisting of 4 walls and a roof (all rectangular). The cost of the bricks for the walls will be $25/square metre, while the roof...
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    Trig identity proof.

    Prove: \frac{CosθSinθ}{1 + Tanθ} = Cos2θ =========================== I multiply out the denominator to get: CosθSinθ = Cos2θ + CosθSinθ I cannot seem to prove it. Starting to think it's a trick question.. :/
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    Saw this question online.

    The amount of water in a tank doubles every minute. If the tank was full at the 1 hour mark, when was the tank half full? ============================= It's not homework, I'm just trying to get the actual (reasoned) answer.. ============================= Here is the answer I argued (though...
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    Static friction on a slope.

    A block is sliding down a 30° incline at 1.2ms^-2 Find the coefficient of static friction. [g=9.8ms^2] I am stumped.. Some relevant equations: Fr = μ(Fn) Fn = mg Ultimately I got μ=0.5 ---> This was through mashing and playing with some trig.
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    LaTeX LaTeX - How do I acquire it?

    LaTeX -- How do I acquire it? To whom is reading, Can you please either: (a) - Direct me to where a tutorial or explanation is located on this forum (If there are any). (b) - Direct me to where I can find a tutorial or explanation on how to acquire and install it...
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    Springs: Speed when released & distance traveled.

    -------------------------------- Question: -------------------------------- A 1.6 kg block is pushed into a spring with spring constant of 1.0 x 10^3 N/m. The spring is compressed a distance of 2.0 cm [0.02m], and the block is released from rest in the horizontal direction. (a) Calculate...
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    Gravity Simulator

    G'day, i am new here, and have quite a profound lust for maths/physics. This simulator is brilliant, though i am not sure how accurate the simulation represents gravitational equations. Give it a go. :biggrin: