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    I no longer enjoy physics and I don't know what to do

    Sorry to hear that. I'm in undergrad right now and it is depressing to read this sort of news. Well best of luck in your job hunt.
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    Proving this inequality

    @jimmyly ignore my post I have made a few mistakes in it. I will get back to you on it once I have gone it over it again. edit: @mark44&jimmlyl: I did make en eroneous error but I did not ignore the absolute signs like that I will redo it and post it at a later tim.e.
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    Proving this inequality

    @mark-44: How was it false? I mean if you could clarify that would be great. Wasn't trying to spread false information or anything.
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    Tension in cables

    Could you elaborate on the question more or is that just given? Plus could you show what you tired to do along with what was said at the back of the book? edit: Also any angles given or the dimenssion of the cabinent in question?
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    The Movie: Gravity

    Its probably alot more theater than science though I'm betting. ALthough they claimed they have focued more on the science aspect of it.
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    Nobel Prize 2013

    Doesn't that further prove what the great Feyman said about "elite" clubs. Giving preffential treatment to individuals who have attained a certain status etc.?
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    Project PF Proliferation - Free Gold Membership!

    Actually forgot about this I will see if I can get it done hopefully by next week.
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    Project PF Proliferation - Free Gold Membership!

    UFT campus or UTM campus? I'm on the UTM one
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    Project PF Proliferation - Free Gold Membership!

    Well I just made an account here. I have been lurking this site for like 2+ years. But good to be here. I will try to spread the word. Just a question? What's the difference between a gold membership and a regular membership? I mena the benefits etc.