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  1. jimmy neutron

    Numerically solutions with periodic boundary conditions

    Is anyone aware of how to numerically solve the (1D) SE with periodic boundary conditions?
  2. jimmy neutron

    Poincare's theorem and 2nd order ode

    This is a request about the second order differential equation y'' + (k^2 + f(r))y(r) = 0 (1) where k is a (real) constant and f(r) is a real valued function of r that has some constraints regarding integratability. According to...
  3. jimmy neutron

    K.p theory and bandstructure calculations

    Can any one recommend any books that cover k.p theory so that a beginner may be able to (eg) get a realistic programme running? Perhaps aimed at the beginning PhD stage (so will have a good background in quantum mechanics)? I find journal articles difficult to follow, and have found no...