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    Volume-calculating function in Mathematica

    Homework Statement Create a function MyContainer[R, L, l, H] in the program 'Mathematica' to determine the capacity of fluid in the container according to the given filling height H. The container is a cyclinder with cones on both sides. The arguments of the function MyContainer[R, L, l, H]...
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    Why 1/(r^3) exp. value for H-atom diverges for 1s state? please respond before Jan 6

    Hydrogen atom: 1/(r^2 )2p state constant problem //1/(r^3) exp. value Homework Statement Hello, I am new to this forum. I hope it is all right I uploaded problems as image files (in handwriting). I calculated all (r^(-1), r^(-2) and r^(-3) expectation values for Hydrogen atom for 1s and...